Sharanne’s Winnie the Pooh

Winne the Pooh

Sharanne, my younger daughter, also wanted to do a project at the Igloo. She wanted to do something creative using her artistic skills. After spending a few months on deciding what to do, she finally came up with the idea of painting a large rock (more like a boulder) near Smiley.

At first she considered painting simple things she liked, such as hearts, flowers or stars. But eventually she chose to do something more challenging, and also more appropriate for the woods. As she went through her favorite characters, it was obvious it had to be Winnie the Pooh. She always loved Winnie the Pooh. He was so cute, always happy and loved living in the woods.

So it became Sharanne’s Winnie the Pooh project.

Preparing the Rock

The Rock

The rock is across a stream behind Smiley. It is about 11 feet wide by 5 feet high.

As with any rock in the woods, it was covered with dirt, moss and weeds. Definitely, not a good surface for painting. Also, there were a number of trees and bushes covering up the view.

It took a full day to cut the bushes and branches, and clear the area. It took another two days to clean the rock. A steel wire brush and a large household brush were used to remove the stubborn debris imbedded in the rock. A gas powered leaf blower was used to remove the fine dirt. And finally, the rock was washed thoroughly a few times with a mixture of vinegar and water.

The rock was painted with two coats of outdoor primer. The paint store said we only needed a quart of primer to cover the area. This was not even close to what we needed. The rock absorbed the primer like a sponge. Also, it took a lot of primer to cover the nooks and crevices. We eventually needed an additional 3 gallons of primer (basically 13 times what was recommended) to finally get the rock primed.

After 5 days of fairly hard work, we finally got the rock ready for painting.

The Rock after 2nd Coat of Primer

Outlining Winnie the Pooh

Outline of Winnie's FaceSharanne started by outlining Winnie the Pooh’s face with a black felt tip marker.  She then drew the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. 

Then the original marker lines were painted over using a thin brush and black exterior paint.

Winnie's FaceOnce the black outline was done, the face was painted “Pooh” color with a thin brush alonside the black lines, then filled in with a thicker brush for the larger areas.

The rest of the body and honey pot were outlined using the same method.

Outline of Winnie

Pooh Sleeping in the Woods

Painting Pooh took about two days. Sketching and painting on a rock is not as easy as painting on a canvas. You need to continuosly look from afar to see if it looks good because the rock is uneven and has a number of crevices. Also, Sharanne does not like bugs — so she needed to stop (many, many times) while the bugs were brushed aside.

This is Sharanne at work, painting Pooh’s left hand.

Sharanne at Work

After about 7 days of work in the course of about a month, Winnie the Pooh was finally finished on June 22, 2013. He is happily asleep after filling his belly with honey.

Sharanne Poses with Finished Work

Smiley has a Friend

Thanks to Sharanne, Smiley has a new friend, Winnie the Pooh 🙂

Smiley's Friend


For future reference, the following Benjamin Moore colors (exterior latex) were used to paint Winnie the Pooh:

  • Outline – black
  • Winnie-the-Pooh (himself) – Sundial #1100
  • Body – Milano Red #1313
  • Honey Pot – Riveria Azure #822
  • Honey – Wildflowers #325
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3 Responses to Sharanne’s Winnie the Pooh

  1. Peter Chu says:


  2. Kath Hofmann says:

    What a wonderfully creative family you all are. I love how Sharanne used the contour of the rock to fill out Pooh’s round belly!

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