Filling in the Face

Face, Eyes and Mouth

After a few days of laying down the Belgian blocks, the outline of the face, eyes and mouth were finally complete. Now, the face was ready to be filled in.

Filling in the Face

First, black industrial landscape fabric was placed on top of the soil. This served two purposes: (1) it provided a separation barrier between the top soil and the yellow river pebble stones, and (2) to prevent weeds from growing in the future.

Next, the truck unloaded the pebbles to wheelbarrows, which transported the stones into piles around the site.

The stones are 3/8 inch Jersey Gold river pebbles. They are yellowish in color and smooth.  About 18 cubic yards of pebbles were needed to fill in the face at a depth of about 3 inches.

Black pebbles were used to fill in the eyes and the mouth. They were chosen to be similar in color to the black Belgian blocks.

Once the pebbles were dispersed throughout the site, the crew raked them evenly across the face.  

The contrast between the Belgian blocks, Jersey Gold river stones and black pebbles were an ideal combination for Smiley. Simple design, simple materials, and perfect for its natural surroundings.

Smiley Zen

Finally, after months of planning and hard work, Smiley Zen comes to life!

Smiley Zen

Smiley Zen

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