Outlining Smiley

Belgian Blocks

Belgian Blocks were used to outline Smiley’s face, eyes and mouth. They are about 9″ x 5″ x 5″. They are made of granite and make an excellent edging material. These rectangular blocks will hold the black gravel within the face and also provide a clean edge for the outlying grass. Fortunately, among the few available colors the blocks come in, black is one of them — perfect for the Smiley outline.

Laying Out the Blocks

First, the crew outlined a 50 feet diameter circle with chalk, the outline for the face.  Then they roughly layed out the blocks around the perimeter of the circle.

Notice the cement mixer in the background between the two trucks. Concrete was used as a foundation to support and secure the Begian Blocks to the ground.

A narrow ditch at the outer edge of the chalk line was dug to pour in the concrete. The blocks were set about 1 inch below the surface, so that about 4 inches would be above the ground.

Setting the Blocks

The blocks were set lengthwise side-by-side, forming an arc, which eventually became the outline of  the face. Travis Thompson was setting the blocks, and Paul Wolf was admiring his work.

The Center Line

The crew drew a center line to measure the placement of the eyes and mouth. The line is aligned vertically North and South, such that the top of the face points North. Notice the rough outline of the eye before being set.

View from the Igloo

Smiley is finally taking shape.

This was the beginning of the fun part of the project. Unlike, site preparation, which was tedious, messy and took a lot of time and work, laying out the ouline of Smiley took only a few days.

Also, visually, you saw a lot of progress quickly.


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