Leveling the Site

Site Preparation Completed

Grass Roots and the crew have been working for a few months on site preparation. Now that this phase of the project has been completed, I thought it would be a good time to thank them. They have done a fabulous job.

This photo was taken on the day the Site Preparation was finally completed. John and Joe are the co-owners of Grass Roots. Paul, who works with them, helped with the project.

John, Joe and Paul

Mud and Rocks

As with any project, there are always surprises, and things take longer than expected. Though it was a mild winter as far as snow and ice, it rained fairly regularly.  Each time it rained hard, the site would get muddy for days. This prevented the trucks with the heavy loads of boulders, fill and soil to deliver onto the site. Also, it made it much more difficult to work on clearing trees, moving materials and leveling the site.

Also, there were many large rocks sticking out above the ground where the Smiley was going to be. All these had to be moved before leveling the ground.

Things always look easier after the fact.



Measuring the Site

Measuring the site was easy since it was a simple circle. They placed a rod in the middle and used a blue rope to measure 25 feet from the center of the circle for Smiley. They repositioned the center a few times to make sure there was enough room beyond the circle for a  mower to cut the grass around Smiley.

Site Preparation Done!

After months of work, a few surprises along the way, and some fits and starts with the weather, the site preparation was finally done. On to Phase 2, building Smiley.

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